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let’s all take a minute to stop and think about how Hagrid gave Harry his homemade birthday cake, told him how much he looked like his parents, and fed him sausages before he even started to explain that he was a wizard

let’s stop to think about how his absolute first priority was to let harry know that he was loved and cared for




I feel like very few, or at least not many of the people of tumblr are aware of what is going on in my home country Hong Kong right now.

You guys gave alot of coverage and support when Scotland was voting for its independance, so I’m hoping you’ll all support the people of Hong Kong as well.

Right now, many of us are in a mass demonstration of pro-democracy against China. But wait a sec, isn’t Hong Kong China? This is a big misconception amongst foreigners, but please, we are far from being similar to China at all.

A little history class: Hong Kong used to be colonized by the British, and before you white-knights begin going all “them damn white racist ppl taking over another asian country” please don’t. We are thankful Britain took us under its wing and instilled in us values that I feel made us what we are today; that is, a democratic people with respect for free speech, amongst many things.

On the other hand, China is communist, with government controlled media and news. Google, instagram, facebook and many tv shows are blocked in China. It really is just a few steps from North Korea imo.

So what’s the problem here? Britain unfortunately had to hand back Hong Kong to China, but one of the requirements is that Hong Kong be allowed to operate as ‘one country two systems’, meaning Hong Kong should be able to have its own democratic government. But China has broken its promise. A while back, China tried to put a mandatory ‘national education’ curriculum in all our primary schools. We all know what that is; a communist brainwashing regime. And now, they have announced that in 2017 Hong Kong will be able to vote for its president; BUT only from 3 candidates hand picked by its PRO-BEIJING legislation.

As you can see, China is trying to takeover completely and turn us into another communist state.

Of course, we have taken to the streets. In a mirror if the Tiananmen protests, students have also stepped up to fight for our rights and our future, albeit in a peaceful protest of course. But the police force who have always been a friend of the people, are now responding with force, something that had never been done before in Hong Kong.

First it was pepperspray, then teargas. Then, armed forces came in qith rubber bullets. They warn they will come out with live ammunition soon if we do not get off the streets but the people continue to sit tight, disrupting businesses China so strive to takeover and make use of. It’s been 2 days now, but the people plan to continue at least till 1st October or even beyond. The significance is that October 1st is China’s National day, not ours, Hong Kong has not been granted it’s own National day.

Please spread the news. This is a country we’re talking about. These are my people.

You can join this event to wear yellow in support of my people on October 1st.

You can also read a more detailed explanation of what’s going down here and watch a live feed here.


Rainy day.

An illustration of Little My and a little hedgehog I made a few years ago. Moomin characters are just wonderful (mind the Groke, who gave me more nightmares than any other fictional character ever). :x

Prints in my Society6 shop. Thanks for stopping by! 


I edited this for a reason..sorry for disappearing again but I’m really busy :( hoping by January I’ll have some more free time


I edited this for a reason..sorry for disappearing again but I’m really busy :( hoping by January I’ll have some more free time

I just saw a movie poster from a movie called Like Father Like Son (2014)

Like Father, Like Son

and before I had even read what it was about I was like…. woah…. it has the same air / atmosphere as that Nobody Knows (2004) movie (which I love a lot / it’s horrible / I’ve only watched it once / but it’s on my fave shelf / if you need more cracks in your heart watch it : (…. *gets immensely sad*………ARHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG… I JUST DONT LIKE THE ENDING………………..BUT IT’S VERY VERY GOOD…..and it makes people aware of how fucking important it is to take care of kids and look after them and how it’s the responsibility of all and not just their parents <- because yeah hah that fact doesn’t always come naturally)….


MUAHA and then it’s the same guy who made it


I feel powerful

goodnight lol


…sob…. tomorrow freaks me out… night anon blog X”D MAAAH


We can never disclose the probability of certain manga series being published by us in the future. All licensing matters (negotiations) are confidential. When we know a license has been approved by Japan, we’ll announce it. That’s why you’ll never get an answer to “Do you have any plans to publish…?” from us.

Approval time for a new series can take a few weeks to several years.

There are passionate fans out there who want certain manga series published, so lately I’ve been trying to explain the things fans can do to help get a series published here. Buying previous series by the mangaka in English (if available) and buying manga in the same genre helps. This shows booksellers there is demand for the mangaka and the genre so they will stock our books. Passion doesn’t sway booksellers—sales data does. And just because a manga series was a hit in Japan does not mean it will be a hit here, so booksellers base their decisions on US/CAN sales.

If a manga series doesn’t sell enough copies to cover the cost of production, it means the publisher loses money every time a new volume comes out. This is how other US manga publishers went out of business, and why they canceled so many manga mid-series. Publishers take on a financial risk every time they publish a new series.

Remember we are huge shojo manga fans too. Just because we may not license a certain series doesn’t mean that we don’t love it or think it’s not deserving of being licensed here. The “battle” is not convincing us to publish certain manga series: It’s convincing other fans to buy manga to give us the ammunition we need so we can publish those series!! (^_^)v

-Editor Nancy

have you ever had this feeling of having a heart attack, just because you suggest yourself, when having tummy ache for example. And if you have, how did you overpass it? it's just i feel so scared of it like i fear falling asleep and dying from something like that. I'm asking you bc i know you've gone through things and i hope you don't take this as some paranoid shit. i mean, i feel really bad about it and idk what to do.


YES. All the time. Its an incredibly common symptom of a panic or anxiety attack along with dizziness, hyperventilation, shortness of breath, tightening or palpitations in the chest. It’s a horrible thing, but don’t feel bad about it. Obviously if you are worried or scared speak to a medical professional. But here are a couple of things that have helped me get it under pretty good control:

1. I try and pinpoint when the panic and paranoia started. I can usually trace it back to say, a phone conversation or just as I was leaving the house. Then I am more able to rationalise my physical symptoms by saying, ‘if they started at x moment, they are much more likely to be panic, related to that trigger than any sort of heart attack or illness’

2. Grounding myself (and this is different for everyone) but I like to put some sort of noise on (I’ve used waterfall tracks on youtube even in desperate moments) and going round the room naming all the objects and details about them like colour and size. Or doing something mundane like cleaning/drawing patterns to refocus my attention. 

3. Telling myself that it will pass. Often if I can get through the first 10 minutes of a severe panic attack and keep it from escalating I know that the physical symptoms will gradually fade within the next 20-40 minutes. 

Take care! 


How do you tell your online friend that your a monster with no mouth

guinness world records man: sir you have done nothing but do pushups from this one spot for 20 years with no rest. what drives you?
me, still doing pushups: i wanna push this planet out of the idiot solar system and into the horrifying abyss of the unknown universe and this is the only way I know how
world records man, in awe: [drops everything and instantly begins doing pushups next to me]

"I swim too far, fly too high,I forgot to say goodbye,I read your lies with my eye,It was fun, but still i cry,I throw it out, in your head”


"I swim too far, fly too high,
I forgot to say goodbye,

I read your lies with my eye,
It was fun, but still i cry,

I throw it out, in your head”


Peaceful Hong Kong protesters created the most beautiful picture with their phone flashlight during the Umbrella Revolution. Proud to be a Hong Konger.


Peaceful Hong Kong protesters created the most beautiful picture with their phone flashlight during the Umbrella Revolution. Proud to be a Hong Konger.