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*siren of squealing and loud excitement noises*






ERICK VAN EGERAATErasmus University College in Rotterdam.


Erasmus University College in Rotterdam.


"THE TURN" | Nastia Shershen @Elite Models Management Photographed by Marcello Arena for REVS Magazine


"THE TURN" | Nastia Shershen @Elite Models Management Photographed by Marcello Arena for REVS Magazine



U ever feel like your interactions with people aren’t authentic or genuine bc u don’t have a solid sense of identity so it’s like how… do… i… act what? do? i? do?? ? what?? AM? i?? ? ??? ?

Yeah, I have mini crises like that all the time

MMMHMMM feeling like a liar ALL THE TIME having to convince yourself even more than your surroundings that your feelings and actions are you, aren’t fake and lies, because you don’t feel real / you doubt everything and you don’t know how to be sure you feel real or are you or something everything just feels wrong…you just feel fake and gross and don’t know who you are


super speedy doodles inspired by nile and clara’s new thread (watch yourself. xtreme gore and nsfw warning yo)

I will draw something properly for it but I just wanted to sketch around first

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(2 days ago)


I started laughing on my way to work today

I was really anxious and couldn’t breathe and then I thought

oh lord if only I could smash my head into every lamppost I’m passing on this sidewalk and then I imagined it and laughed and laughing really helps on anxiety so that was rad lol… laughing in the streets…alone…here I come… *walks into a lamppost*

hehe……..ahhhhhhh……….that was fun…………………zzzzzzzzz

good day tho hahaX”D———————————— meh……….

Positive List:

  • Got ready
  • Got outside
  • Took the bus and walked
  • Work
  • Did something new
  • Found some mistakes that they were happy about
  • I did a good job bla bla
  • lol this

almost boss: you want a sneakers?
me: no thank you
almost boss:… chocolate then?
me: no thank you
almost boss: God you’re so healthy you probably eat really healthy too
me:… nooooooo not really but I’m just trying not to eat stuff like that…
almost boss: ….
me: …. I made pancakes for 20 people yesterday…. I ate them… alone…
almost boss: oh

  • Almost boss asked about if I had any comics so she could make me a bag, which was nice because then I could say clear no thank you to her making me one *pew*
  • Went to the post office and bought those stamps I talked about.. didn’t do it the other day…too tired after last week
  • Bath
  • Cleaned kitchen
  • Put last books in order and started to clean table
  • Put clean clothes away
  • I was really scared last night but I didn’t sleep with a knife and I managed to calm myself down okay even though I was really paranoid and scared….
  • Looked at old sketchbook because I was putting it away with some other stuff in a box…and there was this old drawing with faces and I laughed so much so that’s nice *you cannot see that I’m be - *yawn*- yond tired writing right now*….that was really fun *falls down chair zzzzzzzz
  • My home
  • The weather
  • The wind and the sky and stuff
  • Summer is actually nice because you can have your door open and look out at the sky just lie down and look at it… that’s fucking rad yo…lol




Light vein, life vein.


- From “Fetish,” by Kaoru Fujiwara (2004)


- From “Fetish,” by Kaoru Fujiwara (2004)